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Hydraulics LT Reservoir Hydraulics Reservoir Hydraulics Reservoir Replacement Hydraulics Cleaning Kit Hydraulics Lumbar Hydration Bladder SFC 500ml Drink Bottle Tex Base Multi Transflow Flask 0,5 L Water Bladder Transflow Bag 1,5 L Widepac hydration system Four Season Insulation Kit Widepac hydration system BeeFree Water Filter Ultralight Compact Purifier Water Filter Geopress Purifier Water Filter Geopress Purifier Water Filter Geopress Purifier Water Filter Crux Hydration System Hydraulics Three-Magnet Kit Streamer Helix Valve Streamer Tube & Helix Valve Classic Camp Mug Streamer Bladder System Widepac hydration system Streamer Drinking System WXP LP Reservoir Widepac Premium Kit Hydration System Widepac D|vide SFC 150ml Drink Bottle Hydraulics Hose Magnet Kit Standard Stainless Steel Cap Wide Stainless Steel Cap Universal Tap Adapter + QMT Kit Classic Camp Mug Trigger-Action Travel Mug Trigger-Action Travel Mug Trigger-Action Travel Mug Transflow Bag Trinkblase 2,0 L transflow Bag 3,0 L BeeFree Water Filter Ultimate Hydration System Shape Shift Hydration System Streamer Slider Closure Seeker Hydration Kit Velocity Reservoir Hydration System SFC Water Bottle Bergzeit Evergreen Bottle The Smith Wilder Mips bike helmet is the perfect and safe companion for the biking offspring. The lightweight and robust in-mould construction in combination with the tried and tested MIPS system ensure plenty of safety in the event of a fall. The 270° size adjustment also ensures a perfect and secure fit of the helmet, even when things get bumpy. The generous ventilation system allows for a high level of wearing comfort and ensures that neither goggles nor glasses can fog up. The helmet also has a goggle garage, a fixed visor and comfortable padding. Bergzeit Pinecone Bottle Valve Bottle Cap Activity Drink Bottle Activity Drink Bottle Soft Flask Insulation Cover 0.75 L Bike Bottle Organic Activity Steel Drinking Bottle Coffy Insulation Mug Coffy Insulation Mug Drink Clean Bike 750ml