Adventure Menu (22 articles)

Chili con Carne Beef Jerky Turkey Jerky Zipperbag Rice casserole with plums Trailmix - Goji - Beef Jerky - PecanNuts Spicy Cauldron with Bulgur Pork chop with potatoes Roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings Country ham with lentil ragout Chicken wings in honey and chilli Turkey with onions Pork with caraway Spicy dish with bulgur Chicken Supreme with ratatouille Chicken Korma with basmati rice Gardener's style chicken with beans Bread pudding with apples and cinnamon Goulash soup Beef goulash with boiled potatoes Trailmix - Cranberry - Turkey Jerky - Walnuts Flameless-Heater ALLinONE