Forerunner 55 GPS Watch

Suitable for
Specific activity
  • Trail Running
  • Running
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
Synthetic housing
Display features
colour display
Display size (pixel)
208 x 208 Pixel
Material (Case, glass, bezel, strap)
synthetic strap
  • Bluetooth interface
  • USB interface
  • Wireless interface
  • Backlight
  • App compatible
Watch Features
  • date
  • alarm incl. multiple alarms
  • smart watch function
Lithium-ion battery
  • satellite systems: GPS
  • indicator and portions of road ahead
General Training
  • diverse modes for various sports
  • current speed
  • average speed
  • lap comparison in kilometer or mile
  • training analysis
  • heart rate frequency measurement
  • Swim speed and distance in pool
  • Swim speed and distance in open water
  • Swim time according to laps
  • Swim lap frequency counter
  • Swim style recognition
Pedal cadence
Water resistance
waterproof up to 5 ATM
Tail Width
20 h
Delivery Content
Operating instructions
Display size
2.63 cm
4.20 cm
4.20 cm
1.16 cm
Weight (piece)
37.00 g


<p>Want to give your running career a boost? Then the Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS watch is the perfect tool for you! The watch not only scores with a fresh design, but can also convince with a variety of functions that is unparalleled in its price class.&nbsp;</p><p>The basis of all functions is the exact determination of the heart rate at the wrist, in addition to the equally exact determination of the GPS position, which enables a precise recording of the running distance. If you are training towards a specific goal, the watch also provides training recommendations - so you leave nothing to chance in your daily training. The Forerunner 55 GPS watch has features that were once reserved for the more expensive Garmin running watches - such as the recovery advisor or the cadence alerts that let you know when you are no longer training in your cadence range.&nbsp; Perhaps the most useful feature for runners is Pacepro™, which gives you dynamic pace settings based on your distance profile.&nbsp;</p><p>But that's not all - the watch can do more than just run. Whether cycling, hiking or swimming: Your workouts are recorded quickly and easily. You think the battery of the watch, which weighs only 37 grams, will run out quickly with all these functions? No way - it lasts up to 2 weeks, depending on your usage profile. To keep you up to date in the truest sense of the word, the Forerunner 55 GPS watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and informs you about incoming emails, text messages and alarms. If you have music on your smartphone and want to play it, you can control it from the watch.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p>
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