Trek'n Eat (32 articles)

Pumpernickel bread Day Ration Pack Typ 5 Tactical Line-Vegetarian Day Ration Pack Typ 4 Tactical Line-Vegetarian Butter Powder Day Ration Pack Typ 1 Tactical Line Day Ration Pack Typ 3 Tactical Line Day Ration Pack Typ 2 Tactical Line Pasta in Soy Bolonese Lemon Cream Chicken with cream noodles and spinach Whole-grain Bread Powderd Eggs 10x Trekking Biscuits Garden vegetable risotto CousCous with chicken Potato stew with fried onions Quinoa Mexican style Oat Meal Bowl Creamy Chicken Porridge with fruits Hearty potato stew with beef and beans Chicken with curry rice Wholemeal Fruit Muesli Rice Dish Balkan Style Milk Powder 2 Liter Pasta with creamy mushrooms + beef Chili con Carne Mousse au Chocolate Chicken with creamed vegetables and rice Hunter's pot with beef and noodles Coffee Arabica Vegetable Patty