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Tinkerer with a passion for the great outdoors

Exped AG was initially a sales representative for well-known outdoor brands. Founded in 1983 by Heide and Andi Brun, the company took its time until 1997, when it finally launched its first own products on the market. And, how could it be otherwise, they developed a new type of tent - the gable tunnel tent - with the Orion.

Still owned by the founders, a team of outdoor enthusiasts is working on sensible solutions to make the days and nights on tour more beautiful. The philosophy behind this is to achieve the maximum experience of nature with the minimum of resources. Specialising in hard goods, the range consists mainly of backpacks and everything you need for peaceful nights under the stars. The range extends from sleeping bags to sleeping mats and tents to hammock systems.

Clever sleeping solutions for peaceful nights

Something that has earned Exped many fans over the years is the smart details. The DownMat, launched in 2002, immediately won the European Outdoor Award. No wonder, because at last there was a compact, lightweight mattress (size M: 960 grams), warm enough for expeditions (down to -38 degrees) into the high mountains and small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack (pack size: 24 x 16 centimetres).

Back in 2000, Exped brought the Waterbloc, the first really waterproof sleeping bag with welded seams, to the shop counter. Backpacks were added to the range in 2008. With models such as the Lightning, Mountain Pro and Cloudburst, the focus was on lightweight, comfort, robustness and optimum weather protection from the very beginning. With the Black Ice, for example, you get a full-size alpine backpack, completely waterproof and weighing just 650 grams at 30 litres.

The idea of Swissness lives on

Instead of resting on its laurels, Exped continues to live the idea of "Swissness". Established series are constantly being developed and new ideas flow into the innovation of fresh products. This also includes clever (and one might think, sometimes with a wink) accessories. Want an example? The Schnozzel Pumpbag UL is an ultra-light, waterproof bag, with which you can pump up your mattress right away.

For Exped, sustainability means building products that last as long as possible and, in the best case, can be passed on to grandchildren. We are constantly looking for the best balance between environmentally friendly materials and those that will last for decades.
... and with its Swissness, Exped will certainly succeed in remaining true to its ideals and ideas.

Brand check - Exped

  • Exped, founded in 1983 by Heide and Andi Brun as a sales reps. Own production since 1997
  • Especially known for ... cleverly designed sleep solutions with smart details
  • Classics are ... the DownMat in all its variants. The Orion Tent
  • Sustainability: for Exped, sustainability means first and foremost a long shelf life of the products